Modern day humans have a unique problem.

Due to complex anatomy, social hierarchy and technology, a great number of us are thinking, acting and interacting in a way that goes against our natural rhythms. Inauthenticity is at the root of most personal hardships and some of our most disturbing collective misfortunes as a country and planet. But YOU have a unique solution to healing yourself and the world. In fact, everything you need to live your truth is already within you. I’m here to help you access that truth, own your fear and step into alignment.

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As a coach, Leigh exudes the perfect balance of “let’s get down to business” and “here’s something painfully hilarious that happened in today’s journey to prove how human we all really are.” You’ll feel, you’ll laugh and most importantly, you’ll be lead to the path that will brighten you at your highest caliber. From visualizations, to meditations and even book recommendations, my life finally feels like I’m on the path I was destined to be on. I have truly surrendered to the flow of the universe and welcome each and every experience with open arms.
— Mentorship Client

Soul Strategy Mentorship

A one-on-one Soul Strategy Mentorship will guide you in developing spiritual and practical methods of aligning with your authentic truth. I work primarily with empaths like myself who have shaped their identity largely around the energetic needs of other people.


Intuitive Tarot Readings

Tarot has been a beautiful part of my journey getting to know my authentic self and I love sharing it with others. Like a mirror for the subconscious, the cards both bring to light the shadow selves which need reintegrating and affirm our natural gifts, resulting in heightened self-confidence.