Human Design

Human Design is a system that reveals the unique design and purpose of every person on this planet. While it offers energy Types, life Strategies and Profiles which group people together, the system, at its roots, is to differentiate and empower. I love Human Design because it punctuates how unique we all our—our motivations, our definitions of success and the ways we learn and lead—and I believe we are a better humanity when we see the uniqueness of each human.


Explore Your Human Design Type

If you haven’t yet downloaded your unique Human Design BodyGraph, head over to this link, fill out your birth day, time and place and return here to learn more about your Type.

Manifestor Human Design


Manifestors are applauded for their exceptional ability to turn dreams into reality. Inspired to envision and manifest all on their own, this is a person who would undoubtedly have “self-starter” on their resumé.

Generator Human Design


Generators and Manifesting Generators have proven themselves the great builders of humanity. They were born to work and to love the work they do. In fact, the right work can transform a Generator’s life.

Projector Human Design


Projectors are here to help others manage their energy. They are the natural managers and mentors of the world and have an innate ability to guide others toward their unique definitions of success.