We All Need to Be Seen

This past week I co-hosted an event where I read tarot for almost 20 women. As I journey deeper into tarot, I’m still awestruck at how accurate the readings are, but I’ve also become more intrigued by the psychological healing that ensues for the recipient.

Several of the women who sat in front of me Thursday night had shifts which came out in both tears and laughter. Writing in my journal that night, I was reflecting upon how I was able to facilitate these shifts and what I landed upon extends far beyond reading tarot…

When ANOTHER HUMAN witnesses our truth, we heal.

Have you ever spoken with a doctor, coach, reiki practitioner or had an intuitive reading of some kind and—when that person is spot on about what you’re going through—had a visceral giddiness or emotional response?

What’s happening is that person is pulling something to the surface that has been otherwise tucked away. They have simply opened a door which you have forced shut because, for one of many possible reasons, you believe it should be.

When someone witnesses your hidden truth or, in other words, truly sees you and does not, as you may have expected, scream and run out of the room, you experience relief and self-acceptance.

What’s so lovely is that you don’t have to read tarot to make this healing happen for others. When you simply hold space for people to be their truest selves, regardless of their shadows and quirks, you are healing them. In fact, I know a lot of people who are healers and don’t even know it.

If you are one of those people who holds that space in your everyday life, keep going. Alternatively, if you don’t pay any mind to really seeing others, here are a few ideas for how you can start:

  • Ask “How are you feeling today?” instead of “How are you?”

  • Look a stranger in the eye, especially if that stranger looks like they’ve been through the ringer

  • If you feel weird or bad energy from someone, picture them as a child, before they started collecting that energy from the world around them. Watch as they soften.

To be a healer, you don’t have to touch anyone. In fact, you don’t have to sympathize or even empathize; you just have to witness where someone truly is in any given moment.

I can’t help but think, if truth—and pain—had been witnessed and accepted in the early lives of history’s greatest villains, entire world wars could have been avoided.

The bottom line:

We are healthiest and happiest when we fully embody our truth. I learned that from Anita Moorjani in her book Dying to be Me. By allowing someone to bring their truth to the surface, you are subtly giving them permission to be who they are. Let’s all be a little more “us” today, and hold space for others to do the same.