The Shame of Getting What We Want

I had a chat with a friend yesterday who was feeling overwhelmed with unhappiness. She was evaluating the life she deliberately created and realizing everything she wanted just wasn't cutting it. Beyond that, she was shaming herself for feeling that way. After all, she *should* feel nothing but gratitude for this scenario she had once desired so much. Right?

Perhaps you've been there. Unhappy with where you are. "I wanted this, so why am I unhappy?" And your loved ones reflect your fear right back to you... "Can't you just be happy with what you have? I want you to be happy."

Now, subscribe with me for a few moments to the belief that your soul came into physical existence on this planet to evolve—to level up. And through every challenge, every desire, every achievement, every contrast of good and bad in your life thus far, it has.

In fact, your soul is evolving every single day and, therefore, it doesn’t make sense for you to evaluate your present from the perspective of that soul who launched the desires which currently comprise your reality. The you of today sees things differently because of the deep knowing that has evolved within you since then.

If you're looking with dis-ease upon what you have and can't quite peg where "things went wrong," I guarantee that unhappiness has nothing to do with taking the wrong path. Rather, it has everything to do with perspective—still looking at your present from who you were in the past.

If anxiety is living in fear of the future, depression is holding on to the you—your beliefs and perspectives—of the past. Let that past self go. Shed a tear, but not too many. You have much to look forward to.

When we achieve goals and milestones, celebration is due. Of course. But we are never done, my friend! It is 100% natural to look to what's next. In fact, when we consider that our purpose is to evolve, contentment (feeling like the present moment is all we want) is actually against our natural state of soul-evolutionary being.

What if, each day, you accept your soul's growth, welcome new desires with intent to enjoy the process of moving toward them, and allow your vision of the future to evolve with you?

It’s easy, isn’t it, to look at our lives as a series of arrivals? Graduations, vacations and various creations. My invitation to you is to start looking at your life as a series of everyday beginnings. Of journeys, chapters and evolutions. I think you'll discover it is in this evolutionary rhythm that you find the sweet abundance of life.