On Showing Up Entirely

It can be shocking to meet someone so entirely comfortable in their skin. In a way, this person’s flow is an open rebellion to the invisible human contract. You know, the one where we agree to show up choreographed to suit our environment.

How bold it is to arrive as our whole self. To take up space that honors our in-the-moment experience. To hear “How are you?” and answer honestly.

When we show up with all that we are, we make ourselves available to be entirely rejected or entirely loved, both of which may seem to be too much to handle. But that’s the thing. Fear of being visible is a matter of perception — the perception that our best life is defined by being well-liked, smooth sailing, success, newness and celebration. And I’m starting to see things differently.

I think, perhaps, living your best life means wholly showing up and being present with all of it — the love and the pain, joy and spazz-outs, dancing and crying.

What if you showed up entirely today? What if you stopped suppressing your laughter? Said what you meant? Did as you felt called? Went where you felt drawn? How radically magical that would be, like a rainbow touching down in a world of black and white.

I wish you the courage to show up with everything you’ve got. The audacity to feel as you feel. The rebellion of allowing your truth to grace the world. I promise you, we need it, entirely.